a good year

we had a good year. played a lot of shows in a lot of great venues, with some really fine bands. we played in a coliseum (thanks north star roller girls!), and decided that we play “coliseum rock.” a lot of folks showed up for some spectacular slow motion fights–both in bars (i’m looking at you hope and dave!) and outdoors (hey students throughout the years!!). we kept selling our album and t-shirts, enough so that we can finance the pressing of our next disc, which we’re in the studio making now. i really could just live in the studio, but i would miss my family too much.

music writer, songwriter, and hoot organizer extraordinaire, jim walsh, named “explode with happy, man!” one of his top songs of the year.


the song was also voted #16 on the local current’s top 89 songs of the year. we have you all to thank for that! thank you. the local current’s dave campbell counted us as among the surprises in the countdown. because you all stepped up and helped out the little band that could, we got to do a mighty jig and feel that we mattered a little bit here in our great music scene. we appreciate it.


the video for funeral for fun was chosen for the mntv 2014 screening for the walker art center’s 75th birthday, and will also be shown on tpt this fall. it is no small thing to say how honored i was that the film was chosen. kevin obsatz and i made a beautiful thing, and i am super grateful to all the folks who participated in the making of it. we’re in a museum now!! we’re art.

the video for “last letter” was chosen as video of the week in march by eric thompson in city pages blog “gimme noise”.


all these things are awesome and do make a band feel swell. i get to tour by myself on several occasions, but i can’t wait to bring the band out for a taste of the road. we anticipate a bigger push for our second album, so hopefully, being a van will be part of that.

happy new year.