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Annie is a song and dance man in an open relationship with music. She longs for temporary amnesia and all it brings. She could be a musician, a photographer, actress, concubine, weapons manufacturer, or a rocket scientist wearing a really cool apron from the fifties. She can appreciate the concept of the “proximity fuse” for both its ring and metaphoric pizazz, and enjoys the commitment that truly red lipstick demands. She listens to her favorite songs over and over again, dooming them to love, and likes the smell of books, even new ones. She believes songwriting is an act of spiritual archeology and so sifts through words to find bones of song, telling stories about being a person in a world full of people. Annie relies on the artistry, thick invention, and dig-right-down-into-it-ness of the Bang Bangs: the stacked chording and “just what the song wants” guitar of John Riedlinger, the lead-with-the-heart bass monster that is Kari Tweiten, and the heavy adventure and sharp-corner-turning of new drummer, Mike Kittel. 

The band values energy, theatricality, animal intelligence, beautiful mischief that holds some truth, and the mild perversion of total frankness. They’re alt rock grunge meets late 60s dark rock, if you must know, with something heavier thrown in, like a chocolate anvil. 

Front woman, founder and driving force of the band, Annie Enneking, is a Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter, actor, dancer, and fight director. She received the 2012 Minnesota Regional Arts Council’s Next Step Grant in support of the band’s self-titled debut. She was a 2010 Playwrights’ Center McKnight Theatre Artist Fellow, has twice received a Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant for music, and financial support from the Jerome Foundation to support her sizable work as a theatre/music maker. Annie has had a hand in creating four theatre music works The Joans:(https://vimeo.com/72981242), Extremely Public Displays of Privacy with New Paradise Laboratories (http://www.extremelypublicdisplays.com/of/privacyRehearsing Failure with Theatre Novi Most, and her most recently daring work what i want now i will want later with collaborator Sam Johns. Additionally, she recently released the very personal lyndale & 24th, an album all about being twenty-something in the Minneapolis of the 90s. https://soundcloud.com/annie-enneking/albums

Jim Meyer of Star Tribune Pick Six—Best in Music says: “The local theater world loves her, but music fans need to meet this vivid singer-song-rocker with a playful streak and serious guitar skills.” http://www.startribune.com/entertainment/music/166184216.html

One Path for Me’s Thomas Schlatter calls their debut “Impressive and well executed…worthy of your attention.” http://onepathforme.blogspot.com/2013/03/annie-and-bang-bang-st.html

http://annieandthebangbang.bandcamp.com/album/annie-and-the-bang-bang Contact Annie Enneking at annie.enneking@gmail.com Or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnnieandtheBangBang