annie and the bang bang got big plans

we are gearing up for two big things: our tour to colorado (july 26-august 4) and our big cd release party on august 11 (two shows: 4:00 and 7:30)

as for tour: we’ll hit south dakota on our way back down to colorado. third tour there. looking forward to being in the mountains again and to returning to places like jamestown mercantile (where we always have a blast), and to playing with new bands in new places.

i just returned from the final mastering session for our third effort, “still up?” trying to figure out which single we should push. we’re thinking “shake that thing”, which is a simple and honest little ditty about the pleasures of first love/the beginning of love, or maybe “rabbit pelt”, which is so compelling and dark and has a such a swampy groove. we already have the video out for that. hoping to get more hits the second time around. the design team on it was so spectacular. i’d love for us all to get a bit more love for that project. so if you see it, pass it around.

this album feels like a real integration of my songwriting compulsions. moving, with the band–who contribute their artistry, musicality and imagination to these arrangements, pulling or pushing the songs further in the direction they’re going–from personal, delicate introspection, to honest moxie and bravado. no posturing. just giving over to the energy, surrendering to a moment, being curious, diving in.

thanks to everyone who spends any amount of time with us: whether it’s coming to a show, clicking on a video, listening to a song or an album, saying hi after a gig, buying a new t-shirt or a disc. we have fun playing together, but it’s way more fun when you’re in the room.