annie and the bang bang got big plans

we are gearing up for two big things: our tour to colorado (july 26-august 4) and our big cd release party on august 11 (two shows: 4:00 and 7:30)

as for tour: we’ll hit south dakota on our way back down to colorado. third tour there. looking forward to being in the mountains again and to returning to places like jamestown mercantile (where we always have a blast), and to playing with new bands in new places.

i just returned from the final mastering session for our third effort, “still up?” trying to figure out which single we should push. we’re thinking “shake that thing”, which is a simple and honest little ditty about the pleasures of first love/the beginning of love, or maybe “rabbit pelt”, which is so compelling and dark and has a such a swampy groove. we already have the video out for that. hoping to get more hits the second time around. the design team on it was so spectacular. i’d love for us all to get a bit more love for that project. so if you see it, pass it around.

this album feels like a real integration of my songwriting compulsions. moving, with the band–who contribute their artistry, musicality and imagination to these arrangements, pulling or pushing the songs further in the direction they’re going–from personal, delicate introspection, to honest moxie and bravado. no posturing. just giving over to the energy, surrendering to a moment, being curious, diving in.

thanks to everyone who spends any amount of time with us: whether it’s coming to a show, clicking on a video, listening to a song or an album, saying hi after a gig, buying a new t-shirt or a disc. we have fun playing together, but it’s way more fun when you’re in the room.

second album is done. save yourself. save. your. self.

save yourself:







lyrically dense


a little dangerous

a little violent

a little anthenmic

a little bruised lip

every song is a reclamation. or a recovery. or a warning of some kind. a weather system that carries a bunch of harpies, who-instead of being ancient harbingers of doom-come to us in a kind of timeless glory, wearing blue sequined jackets and knee high socks, ready to kiss, dance, or punch. they skate around the roller rink, scheming, while the clouds overhead crackle and glow.


Touring behind SAVE YOURSELF, our second album.

We are mastering our second effort, Save Yourself, and are hitting the road in support of the album, to connect with folks in regions we’re interested in returning to, building a base, meeting new bands and playing new venues. We’ve lined up gigs in Iowa and Colorado for our mini-tour.

Playing with Josh Flagg at Lefty’s Live Music on Tuesday, August 2nd. $6 cover.

Playing at Rockslide Brewery in Grand Junction, Colorado on Wednesday, August 3rd

Playing The Brush Creek Saloon in Eagle, Colorado on Friday, August 5th starting at 9:00 and playing aaaaalllll night. No cover.

We are playing at Jamestown Mercantile in Jamestown on Saturday Aug 6th

And headlining at Lost Lake in Denver on August 9th. $10:

The Tour Events:

what i want now i will want later


annie has been working on a lush little side project/theater piece. she and samantha johns have created a performance event with music called what i want now i will want later. here is more info:

what i want now i will want later
part performance . part video installation .
part fight club . part cd release event . part act of worship .

-monday, april 20th – 8:00p
-tuesday, april 21st – 8:00p
-wednesday, april 22nd – 8:00p
-thursday, april 23rd – 8:00p
-friday, april 24th – 8:00p & 10:00p
-saturday, april 25th – 8:00p & 10:00p

508 East 24th Street [Next to Open Eye] Minneapolis MN
$10-$15 cash at door. no reservations. limited seating.
Show length = 1 hour.

conceived & directed by:
annie enneking & samantha johns

emma barber, annie enneking, harper enneking-norton, & aeysha kinnunen

dan dukich & evan murnane.

meditating on the myth of sirens,
what i want now i will want later
is curious about the spiritual misdemeanors
committed by a very small group of people
trying to live up to their potential
while killing time.

a sort of a task oriented,
image-filled, potentially violent and beautiful
release party for the ep what i want now i will want later


this activity is supported, in part, by the jerome foundation and the minnesota state arts board.

a good year

we had a good year. played a lot of shows in a lot of great venues, with some really fine bands. we played in a coliseum (thanks north star roller girls!), and decided that we play “coliseum rock.” a lot of folks showed up for some spectacular slow motion fights–both in bars (i’m looking at you hope and dave!) and outdoors (hey students throughout the years!!). we kept selling our album and t-shirts, enough so that we can finance the pressing of our next disc, which we’re in the studio making now. i really could just live in the studio, but i would miss my family too much.

music writer, songwriter, and hoot organizer extraordinaire, jim walsh, named “explode with happy, man!” one of his top songs of the year.

the song was also voted #16 on the local current’s top 89 songs of the year. we have you all to thank for that! thank you. the local current’s dave campbell counted us as among the surprises in the countdown. because you all stepped up and helped out the little band that could, we got to do a mighty jig and feel that we mattered a little bit here in our great music scene. we appreciate it.

the video for funeral for fun was chosen for the mntv 2014 screening for the walker art center’s 75th birthday, and will also be shown on tpt this fall. it is no small thing to say how honored i was that the film was chosen. kevin obsatz and i made a beautiful thing, and i am super grateful to all the folks who participated in the making of it. we’re in a museum now!! we’re art.

the video for “last letter” was chosen as video of the week in march by eric thompson in city pages blog “gimme noise”.

all these things are awesome and do make a band feel swell. i get to tour by myself on several occasions, but i can’t wait to bring the band out for a taste of the road. we anticipate a bigger push for our second album, so hopefully, being a van will be part of that.

happy new year.

thinking about another album

We’re working on quite a few new songs in order for a fall/winter recording session. It’s been great to try them out at our shows, and to get a feel for what they are before we head into the studio. Sometimes, in the studio, you figure it out as you go. But it feels nice to have the luxury of feeling them out in front of a crowd. The songs become your friends that way. And you get to introduce them to different people.