what i want now i will want later

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annie has been working on a lush little side project/theater piece. she and samantha johns have created a performance event with music called what i want now i will want later. here is more info:

what i want now i will want later
part performance . part video installation .
part fight club . part cd release event . part act of worship .

-monday, april 20th – 8:00p
-tuesday, april 21st – 8:00p
-wednesday, april 22nd – 8:00p
-thursday, april 23rd – 8:00p
-friday, april 24th – 8:00p & 10:00p
-saturday, april 25th – 8:00p & 10:00p

508 East 24th Street [Next to Open Eye] Minneapolis MN
$10-$15 cash at door. no reservations. limited seating.
Show length = 1 hour.

conceived & directed by:
annie enneking & samantha johns

emma barber, annie enneking, harper enneking-norton, & aeysha kinnunen

dan dukich & evan murnane.

meditating on the myth of sirens,
what i want now i will want later
is curious about the spiritual misdemeanors
committed by a very small group of people
trying to live up to their potential
while killing time.

a sort of a task oriented,
image-filled, potentially violent and beautiful
release party for the ep what i want now i will want later


this activity is supported, in part, by the jerome foundation and the minnesota state arts board.