(Mike Kittel, John Riedlinger, Annie Enneking, Kari Tweiten. Photo by Glen Jones)

Annie and the Bang Bang

Excellent review by Rebecca Marx of Rift Magazine:

If you are looking for an album that satisfies the need for a strong artistic voice then look no further, Annie and the Bang Bang’s Save Yourself delivers. A vibrantly alive follow up to their 2013 self titled debut, Save Yourself will keep you riveted until the closing chords of the sweeping title track fade awayAn ominous snapshot into what breaking up, and moving on can look like. A voyeur’s dream.


me and kari blck and white (photo by glen jones)
john and mike black and white barely bros (photo by glen jones)

07 A&BB (photo by glen jones)
kari and mike color barely bros (photo by glen jones)
331 EP release so successful we’re blurry and sometimes on fire in the photos:




Thanks to everyone who made the Colorado tour so awesome!

Grand Junction CO

Annie Enneking, Mike Kittel, John Riedlinger, Tom Penney @ the Rockslide Brewery in Grand Junction Co.

Annie and the Bang Bang

Tom Penney, John Riedlinger, Annie Enneking, Mike Kittel at  Jamestown Mercantile, Jamestown Co

Explode With Happy, Man!

In the summer of 2012, I travelled to Texas with my daughter Flannery in order that we be directed by one of my oldest and best friends in the world, Tish Stringer, who came up with the video concept for the song “Explode With Happy, Man!” Tish and I were on the same page about popsicle stained lips, banana seat bikes, pixie sticks, tube socks, breaking the law, and a late 70s/early 80s aesthetic. Texas heat is no joke, so we started the shoot at 4:30 in the morning. We got jacked up on licorice whips and set up for the first light of day. All these killer chicks on bikes riding around, wheat pasting–under bridges and alleyways–an image for the song. Though Tish was careful to get permission from a store owner to put the image up on the back of his building and then to take it down, we did get to leave the posters up under the bridge. A little part of Minneapolis is illegally occupying space in Texas. Cast: Rosa Brennan, Lina Dib, Annie Enneking, Flannery Enneking-Norton, Iris Stringer Graeve, Katie Heim, Josianne Modelo, Selina Pishori, Amy Taylor. Crew: Scott Prescott, Camilo Gonzalez, Miguel Benito Calbillo, Stephanie Saint Sanchez, Jeanie Low, Ally Benton, Rachel Clarke, James Bozarth, Ellen Prescott. Video by tish stringer dangerousmedia.org. Colorist Daniel Stuyck vimeo.com/dstuyck. Poster art by 2:12 twotwelveart.com. Rock Box courtesy of Aerosol Warfare aerosolwarfare.com

Big Muff:

In the early fall of 2012 we met up with a group of friends in Minneapolis’s Powderhorn Park who were willing to fake fight and dress up a little for the song “Big Muff.” I had a general idea for a shot list/things I wanted to see, and some notion of a narrative structure, but didn’t know how the “story” would end. When my dress ripped during the slow motion fight scene, it seemed to be a perfect end to a very physical experience. I liked that we went into the shoot without a fully formed idea of what might happen so that when something actually did happen, we could use it. Thanks to frolickers John Catron, Barbara Meyer, Jeremy Norton, Flannery-Enneking Norton, Harper Enneking-Norton, Edward Vogel, Emily Dorn, Sophie Penney, Neal Skoy, Kurt Harrison Newhall, Kia Kraft, Claire Kraft, Connor Rabideau, Roscoe the dog, and Ben Pema for the truck. Director: Annie Enneking. Cinematographer: Dain Ingebretson. Film Editing: Emily Bloudeck.

Funeral for Fun: a video collaboration between Kevin Obstaz and Annie Enneking for the band:

Also, this new ditty recorded at Dan Manor, when Annie was touring the southeast with Daniel Bonespur, on their “Everything Else” Tour. AKA: Solo Together Tour